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Liip Smart Monitor Core


Interchangeable wristbands




USB cable


User manual


Off and reset pusher



  1. LED information light. It serves to recognize that Liip Smart Monitor works correctly. Every minute it emits a green flash
  2. Off and reset button. It is used with the push-button to turn off or reset Liip Smart Monitor in a blocking or non-functioning situation.
  3. Safety catch. This is located on one of the ends of the core and allows the correct positioning of the bracelet through the fixing of the velcro.
  4. USB connector for battery charging. It serves to charge the battery. When Liip is charging, a blue light will illuminate in the top of the core, when it is loaded to 100% the light will be green.
  5. Pulse oximetry sensor. It detects the heart rate (pulse) and the oxygen level in blood.
  6. Pin. For the correct positioning of the Liip Smart Monitor, the bracelet must be inserted through the pin and adjusted accordingly correctly.
  7. Temperature sensor. Detects the baby's distal temperature.
  8. Bracelet. Liip includes bracelets of different sizes. They are made of polyamide, a material that protects the skin of the baby and is hypoallergenic. The sizes adapt to the growth and depend on the physiognomy of each baby:
    • 10 cm bracelet: from birth to approximately the first month.
    • 12.5 cm bracelet: up to approximately 4-5 months.
    • 15 cm bracelet: from 5 months.

Create a new user

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth function in your phone.
  2. Download the Liip Care app in Play Store or App Store.
  3. Go to the app and press "I am a new user".

  4. Add your data: email and password and accept the conditions of use.

  5. Fill in the information about your baby: name, lastname and date of birth.

  6. Choose the sex of the baby.

  7. Liip should be charging while you are doing the next steps.

  8. Select your Liip Smart Monitor to link it to your smartphone. Write the four-letter code that is in the back of the box.

  9. Validate your email: Click the link that you will receive at the indicated email to finish the validation process.

  10. “Searching". The bluetooth is looking for Liip Smart Monitor, it may take a few minutes.

  11. Now, write the code of 6 numbers that you can see in the back of the box as "Código de vinculación".

  12. First, you will see "Connected".

  13. After a few seconds, will appear "Activate sensors".

  14. Next, Liip will begin to measure the vital signs.

  15. Finally, put Liip Smart Monitor on your baby.

How to put Liip Smart Monitor to your baby

How to put the bracelet in the core:

The Liip Smart Monitor fastening wristbands are made from high-quality, hypoallergenic materials used in orthopedics. The material used is attached with Velcro, and its continued use may cause eventual damage overtime to the safety fastener (the part that is connected to the core) and cause its grip to loosen. We recommend that you keep the wristband attached to the safety fastener even when the Liip Smart Monitor is not in use, and that you only take it apart when your baby has grown and you need a bigger size.

Correct position of Liip Smart Monitor

During the first 15 months


Around the left ankle, with the core in the forward position on the foot, the Liip logo facing out and the micro USB port facing up.


Firmly, with one hand pressing the core towards the leg and with the other hand adjusting the bracelet and sticking the velcro on the fabric.

Check that Liip Smart Monitor:

  1. Stays motionless and does not turn.
  2. It is not excessively tight.
  3. After one or two minutes the application receives stable data.
primeros 10-12 meses primeros 10-12 meses


For babies under 15 days and especially in the case of premature babies, it is advisable to pay special attention to properly attach the Liip during the first days, because you may have some difficulties to attach the bracelet given the small size of the ankle diameter of the newborn:

Don't be afraid to tighten it firmly. The materials of Liip Smart Monitor are designed to take care of the delicate skin of the baby. Make sure the monitor is not moving when you try to move it to the sides.

Place it on the inner area of the left ankle as shown in the following images. As the baby grows it can be placed on this area or on the frontal area explained in the previous videos and images.

colocación recien nacido 1 colocación recien nacido 2

After 15 months


On the left wrist with the Liip logo facing inward and the micro USB port facing towards the hand.


Firmly, with one hand pressing the core towards the leg and with the other hand adjusting the bracelet and sticking the velcro on the fabric.

Check that Liip Smart Monitor:

  1. Stays motionless and does not turn.
  2. It is not excessively tight.
  3. After one or two minutes the application receives stable data.

After 3 years


Liip Smart Monitor should move slightly inclining inwards, with the Liip logo towards the wrist edge.

colocación a partir 3 años 1 colocación a partir 3 años 2


Firmly, with one hand pressing the core towards the wrist and with the other hand adjusting the bracelet and sticking the velcro on the fabric.

Check that Liip Smart Monitor:

  1. Stays motionless and does not turn
  2. It is not excessively tight.
  3. After one or two minutes the application receives stable data.

Once the bracelet is on the baby, go to the Liip Care app. In a few minutes, the option ''Activate sensors'' will appear. Liip Care will start calculating and receiving the information.

Incorrect positions of Liip Smart Monitor

You can know that Liip Smart Monitor is misplaced when the app says "Calculating data" more than 5 minutes.


  1. Too high and inner part of the leg

    incorrecta 1
  2. Very separated from the skin.

    incorrecta 2
  3. Towards the outside of the leg.

    incorrecta 3


Liip Care is the application that allows you to control the functioning of Liip Smart Monitor from your phone or tablet. Through it you will receive information about the health status of your baby and will alert you when the baby may be in danger.

You can see in the home screen 3 sections:

home sections

Upper section

battery indicator
Battery indicator

Graphical indicator of the percentage of remaining battery in your Liip Smart Monitor. When the battery reaches 15%, the battery indicator will turn red.


In settings you can do the following actions:


To activate and deactivate the sensors. Turn them off when you are not using Liip Smart Monitor to save battery.


Historical notifications of the last 7 days.


You can customize the notifications of the App:


For security reasons you can not disable them, but you can customize their sound.

Acute states

Notifications that you receive when an acute situation appears.

Low battey notifications

When the battery is less than 15%.

Disconnection notifications

Your phone loses connection with Liip Smart Monitor.

Incorrect position notifications

Liip Smart Monitor is misplaced and can not measuring correctly.

You can listen the sound clicking on the icon sounds of each notification.


It takes you directly to the didactic guide.

editar cuenta
Edit account

You can change:

  • Personal data access like the email or password.
  • The baby's data like the name, lastname, date of birth or sex.

It says the version of the Liip Care app, the name of Liip Smart Monitor and the version. Check for available updates.


You can close Liip Care app and the smartphone connection with Liip Smart Monitor. Let the App always remain open.


It is important to remember that the control configuration of your Smartphone or Tablet holds precedence over all of the system´s applications. This means that if the phone is in silent mode, all of the applications will be in silent mode, including LiipCare. Nighttime is usually when we put our mobile phones in silent mode. However, in order to receive any possible notifications and alerts sent out by Liip Care, we recommend that you turn the sound ON for Liip Care and you turn the sound OFF for all other applications that produce sounds when alerts and notifications are sent (WhatsApp, Gmail, Outlook…):

Android systems


Route: Settings > Applications and notifications > notifications of applications

IOS systems:


Route: Settings > Notifications > Notification Style.

The image shows various applications with the sound deactivated for the notifications (under the application, you can read “NO”). The application for Liip Care, however, has the sound activated for all notifications.

Central section

Baby's picture


Customizable with the picture you want.

Baby's name


The name you indicated at the beginning or the name that you edited later in "edit account".

Baby's age


According to the date of birth that you indicated at the beginning or the one that you edited later in "edit account".

Lower section

State of health information

información de estado

Health status of the baby according to the monitoring sensors.

Vital signs

vital signs

Data on each monitored vital constant:

  • Blood oxygen saturation (SpO2).. It is measured in percentage (%).
  • Distal temperature (Temp). It is measured in degrees Celsius (ºC).
  • Pulse. It is measured in beats per minute (bpm).



Pressing the blue circles you can see the evolution of each constant and navigate in a graphic. The evolution can be from "1 hour", "1 day" y "1 week".

Phonendoscope button

phonendoscope button

You can see the list of pediatricians who can access the Liip Pediatrics service and you can enable their access to the baby's monitored data. If you want your pediatrician to appear on the list and he agrees, please contact us.

Liip modes of use

Liip offers the possibility of using Liip Smart Monitor through two modes of use, custom mode and algorithm mode:

Custom Mode

Must be activated directly by Liip, and it must come from a specific request made by the user himself, by sending a request e-mail. It is a mode of use ONLY recommended for very particular cases of babies or children who are sick or diagnosed with pathologies that require special treatment. In this mode of use, the user-customized the parameters from which he needs the alarms to sound, usually made by his own doctor. The alarms are generated at the moment they detect values that exceed the defined thresholds so that the "false" alarms generated by baby movements or any small natural change are increased. Therefore it is recommended only for particular cases.

Algorithm Mode

It is the default mode of use. Notifications or alarms have been prepared by our medical team, medical societies and by engineering. These are mathematical algorithms of extraordinary precision.

Alarms are not generated because suddenly thresholds are exceeded, but the system compares trends, intervals of change and the vital signs themselves, generating notifications and alarms only in case of detecting changes that persist can end up causing a problem.

Heart rate (Pulse - bpm)

Indicates how many times the heart transport the blood to the rest of the body. The heart rate is faster than adults adults, but decreases over time.

The normal heart rate for babies and children varies by age:

  • 0 to 1 month of age is 70 to 190 beats per minute.
  • 1 to 11 months is 80 to 160 beats per minute.
  • 1 to 2 years old is 80 to 130 beats per minute.

There are situations that can generate changes in heart rate and they are not dangerous for the baby. For example, it may decrease when they are sleeping or increase when they are crying, nervous, or having fever. If the baby’s heart rate increases or decreases and are not in the optimum levels for the baby’s age, Liip Care will inform you through a visual message.


Oxygen saturation (SpO2 -%)

The oxygen available in the blood to transport to the rest of the body is oxygen saturation and is expressed as a percentage (%).

Oxygen saturation may be between 95-100% and can change during the day. This does not have to be dangerous for the baby, for example, when they are sleeping or others situations, like a cold.

However, there are circumstances like bronchiolitis, pneumonias, bronchospasm, etc. In these situations, the baby's health may worsen, for example, a drop in blood oxygen that can cause a vital risk to the baby, such as choking, severe bronchiolitis, certain seizures or cardiorespiratory arrest. When these cases happen, Liip Care will indicate it in a message or in the case that you must act, it will emit a sound and visual warning indicating the steps to follow.


Distal temperature (Temp - ºC)

There are three types of temperature in our body:

  • Central temperature (TC). It can only be measured inside the organism (inside the esophagus, bladder ...) being a very difficult temperature to register.
  • Proximal peripheral temperature (TPP). It is measured in the armpit or in the mouth. It is the one registered by conventional thermometers.
  • Distal peripheral temperature (TDP). It is measured in the outer members. It is the one that detects Liip and transmits it in the form of degrees Celsius (ºC). In normal conditions it is always lower than the proximal peripheral temperature.

Why does this occur?

Our metabolism determines our body temperature, which is different throughout the body. Our skin, one of the sense organs, regulates our body temperature and opens or closes capillaries depending on the necessities of each area. It is completely normal to have differing temperatures depending on the body part.

What happens when a fever appears?

When body temperature increases, the body eliminates this excess heat through the skin and respiration. The first changes, therefore, are always noted in the skin from increases or decreases in temperature. Liip is so trustworthy because it can detect this immediate change in the distal peripheral temperature. When there is a fever, the organism is going to eliminate the excess heat. When it cannot eliminate this heat and the fever persists is when problems may occur and have negative effects on the organism. This is when the distal peripheral temperature rises above 37.5 º C. When the baby has a fever or when the thermal comfort is inadequate and the baby manages to eliminate this excess heat, the distal peripheral temperature will be lower than the temperature taken under the arm (proximal peripheral temperature). This is a positive sign. During this first phase, you will notice that your baby’s hands and feet are colder than the torso and the head. After this, vasodilation begins and the body temperature begins to rise until it reaches a uniform temperature throughout the entire body.

When the baby has problems eliminating the excess heat brought on by a fever or by an excess of clothing or cover, the distal peripheral temperature will rise above 37.5ºC and will generate a system alert thereby notifying the parents of an alarm. Subsequently, the information will be saved in the system so that the healthcare professionals can reference it at a later time if necessary.

The distal temperature is also related to what is known as thermal comfort. Thermal comfort is caused by the temperature difference between body areas, mainly between the head and chest areas and the feet or hands. A variation in thermal comfort can indicate that the baby feels discomfort which will ultimately cause him/her to be agitated, especially while he/she is sleeping.

Liip Smart Monitor is not meant to be used occasionally but rather to monitor the main vital signs of the baby over a longer period of time. It will notify you of changes while your baby is sleeping but is not meant to substitute the temperature readings taken in other areas, as under the arm, or when an illness occurs. The Liip Smart Monitor provides additional useful information about the nature of the fever and other situations that could occur.


State Normality

If Liip Smart Monitor does not detect any anomaly, the message in Liip Care app will be "Everything is OK".


Acute state

Liip Smart Monitor detects a change that can have an impact on the well-being of the baby and it can end up being a more serious situation.

Liip Care will notify it telling you the vital signs that are being affected. You can modify the notifications of acute states in "settings" in the option "sounds".

In a situation of acute state, you will see a button where you can read specific actions according to the vital constant affected and you can find the steps you must follow.

acute state

Types of acute situation:

  • Low blood oxygen (SpO2): The message "Low blood oxygen" will appear. Clicking the message, you will find an action guide.
  • High heart rate (Pulse): The message "High pulse" will appear. Clicking the message, you will find an action guide.
  • High peripheral temperature (Temp): The message "High fever" will appear. Clicking the link, you will find an action guide.

Critical situation

A critical or emergency situation may involve a risk to the baby's well-being. This risk must be checked in person and, if possible, with the support of a medical professional.

In this case, Liip Care will send you an audio alert and a status message "ACT". If you press the button, Liip Care will direct you to an action protocol.

situación crítica

Usually, this situations involve a very large alteration in oxygen saturation and/or heart rate.

For example, a bronchiolitis if it worsens dramatically. In this case, the first thing that will happen is an acute situation related to the baby's greatest effort to get breathing. Finally, the baby will get tired and the oxygen in the blood will decrease. As oxygen decreases, the baby will shake and his heart rate will increase. If the decrease in oxygen is very large and for a long time, there will be an initial stop of breathing and then cardiorespiratory.

Liip Care will inform you about the detection of a possible critical situation and will tell you what you must do to confirm it and what action protocol to follow. You can not modify notifications for critical alerts.

"Everything is OK"

This message indicates that Liip Smart Monitor has made measurements through the sensors and has not detected any anomaly.

"Check the fit of your Liip"

Liip has detected that the data of the measurements are invalid or unstable because the fit of Liip Smart Monitor is wrong. You can see how to do it correctly in How to put Liip Smart Monitor to your baby".

"Calculating, it may take several minutes"

Liip has recorded vital signs but has not yet confirmed a trend to determine a state.

Also, you can see this message when the sensors are activated, when it downloads the stored data, it is reconnecting or it is connecting as secondary until the next State evaluation (every minute is performed).

"Using the memory of Liip Smart Monitor"

You can see this message when a disconnection occurs and Liip Smart Monitor has the sensors activated. Liip transmits to the user that the data is not lost with the disconnection, is stored in the Liip Smart Monitor memory (approximately approximately 30 minutes).

"Deactivated sensors"

You can see this message on the secondary mobiles / tablets when the sensors have been deactivated on the primary and the button for activating sensors is visible.

"Downloading stored data"

This status message is displayed when Liip is downloading the data stored in the Liip Smart Monitor memory. This data is stored in Liip Smart Monitor when a disconnection happens with activated sensors.


This status message is displayed when Liip Smart Monitor is being searched to establish the connection. If you can not connect after trying several times, put Liip Smart Monitor to charge, make sure there is no other phone or tablet connected. With some Android terminals it may be necessary to activate the GPS location to facilitate the scanning process.


Connected Care is a platform for PC and tablet that comfortably allows you to check and visualize in detail the monitoring of your baby's well-being.

Unlike the graphs in the Liip Care app, which only shows the last week of recordings, Connected Care offers you the possibility of seeing the history of vital constants from the last 12 months, entering notifications and observing in detail the changes generated by each notification.



Liip makes the connected care platform available to users through the following link: Connected Care.

Connected Care platform and the Liip Care App have the same access so you just have to enter on both platform the same username and password.


Data history

Connected Care allows you to visualize all the data for several months through graphs. Connected Care provides much more information than the smartphone App (Liip Care) like the evolution of each parameter collected, the states through which the babies or children have passed by, etc. The App allows parents to monitor and analyze the historic values of the parameters in a more detailed way than in the mobile App.

Data history


Access the notifications detected by Liip Smart Monitor and know in detail the reasons that have generated each notification.



When there is a firmware update, the message will be "There is a version update for the device. Do you want to update it now?" You have the option to update Liip Smart Monitor by clicking "OK".

If you want to update the firmware at another time, you can do it in "Information" from "Settings" and "Check update".


Restart Liip Smart Monitor

In a situation of blockage and non-response or non-operation when Liip Care does not receive data or does not respond to any stimulus, the procedure must be:

  1. Step 1: Insert the off button that you can find on the back of the manual in the hole of the off button, and keep pressed for 4 seconds. A blue light will appear at the top of the nucleus. Then remove the button from the hole and wait 10 seconds.
  2. Step 2: Re-insert the pushbutton in the hole of the off button and wait for a green light to appear in the upper part of the nucleus.

As a last step, you can do the factory reset. This will reset the device to the factory settings. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Log out of Liip Care
  2. In bluetooth settings, unlink Liip on Android / skip on iPhone.
  3. Put your Liip Smart Monitor to charge.
  4. Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds with Liip charging. Do it until the indicator light turns off.
  5. Wait a few seconds until the indicator goes on.
  6. Log in to Liip Care.
  7. Re-link Liiip Smart Monitor.

Maintenance and cleaning

The core and the bracelets have to be washed separately. You must prevent that the water goes in the interior of the core. For that, use a dry cloth to do it. Never must enter water in the core.


The core (Monitor) and bracelets have to be washed separately. The entry of water into the core (Monitor) through the sensors or the micro USB port should be avoided, Liip Smart Monitor isn´t waterproof. To do this, cleaning must be done using a dry cloth. Under no circumstances should the core be placed in water bowls or placed under a stream of water.


The pulse oximetry sensor (heart rate and oxygen saturation) is recommended to be cleaned once a month. To do this, you should use a dry cloth, never wet. You can also use a compressed air sprinkler such as those used for cleaning computer keyboards.


The bracelets should be washed by hand with cold water, do not use bleach and do not use a dryer.

When to use Liip Smart Monitor?

We recommend using it in the moments that cause you the most uneasiness:

  1. Overnight. You will be able to sleep and rest peacefully, without having to get up frequently because the anxiety generated by not knowing how your baby is doing or if an event occurs that endangers his health. Liip Smart Monitor wakes up for you.
  2. When your baby is sick, either because the doctor has diagnosed it or because you are feeling it.

When to activate / deactivate sensors?

The Liip Smart Monitor sensors can be activated and deactivated from the Liip Care application, only in the primary phone/tablet. We recommend deactivating the sensors when Liip Smart Monitor is not being used to prevent erroneous data from being stored in the data history and to save battery.

Activate the sensors once the bracelet is correctly on your baby. For this, you only have two options:

  • Main screen: press the "Activate sensors" button.
  • Settings: by pressing the "Sensors" .

What should I know about the Liip Smart Monitor battery?

It is recommended to charge the battery of your Liip Smart Monitor during one hour, before to use it.

If you want to achieve the maximum duration of use (13 hours), make a full charge (1 hour) just before you start using it.

Liip Smart Monitor can be charged as many times as you want, depending on your mode of use.

How does Bluetooth work? bluetooth

The bluetooth of Liip Smart Monitor is class 2. This means that its power is suitable for use in a device that is worn on the skin.

The loss of Bluetooth signal can originate for:

  • The distance that separates Liip Smart Monitor from the phone or tablet. The farther i is, more chances of connection loss exist.
  • The presence of materials in different areas of the home, such as the glass of the mirrors.

Liip allows you to link more smartphones, so when one loses the Bluetooth connection, the next closest becomes primary. This reduces the possibility of disconnection. In case of losing the connection, Liip Care continues to collect data.

In addition, you can receive the baby's data anywhere, for example, at work or when traveling.

What should I do if "Calculating data" appears?

When you put Liip Smart Monitor to your baby, the first message you will receive in Liip Care will be "Calculating data". This message will be maintained for approximately a few minutes, while the system adapts to the baby's vital signs. During this period, at least one of the constants may appear without any specific value.

This message can appear too in this three situations:

What should I do if the application stays "searching" and does not work?

The protocol to follow is:



First, activate the GPS option.

  1. Log out of all phones and tablets connected to Liip.
  2. Put Liip Smart Monitor to charge.
  3. Restart phone.
  4. Enter the Bluetooth settings of the phone. Unlink Liip.
  5. Turn off the bluetooth and turn it on again.
  6. Log in to Liip Care. Situate yourself near Liip. It may ask you for the link code, which you have behind the Liip box. Wait some minutes.
  7. The activate sensors function should appear.


  1. Log out of all phones and tablets connected to Liip.
  2. Deactivate bluetooth and restart the phone
  3. Turn on phone, go to bluetooth settings, activate bluetooth.
  4. Put Liip Smart Monitor to charge.
  5. Being close to Liip Smart Monitor, open Liip Care and wait a few seconds for it to search and connect.
  6. Automatically when it is connecting a "Bluetooth link request" screen should appear, enter the code and return to normal use.
  7. If the "Bluetooth link request" screen does not appear, it means that the phone may have some conflict in the network settings.
  8. To correct the network settings go to phone settings> General> Reset> Reset network settings (THIS WILL REMOVE LINKED BLUETOOTHS AND WIFI NETWORKS).

If the problem persists...

… you must log out of all mobile phones or tablets.

  1. Use the button to reset located on the back cover of the manual.
  2. Keep it pressed for 25-30 seconds and wait for the light to go out.
  3. Once switched off, keep Liip connected to the power until the light comes on.
  4. Access bluetooth settings and forget / unlink Liip.
  5. Turn off and turn on bluetooth and access the Liip Care session.
  6. Wait a few minutes until you have connected and the option to ACTIVATE SENSORS will appear.

If the problem still persists, you should contact the technical department.

Can I see my baby's data history?

Liip Smart Monitor stores the registered data so you can consult them in the Liip Care app.

Liip Care app records the data from the last week to the last hour, qlso the historical notifications and alerts.

To access the data history, go to the lower section of the application where the data about each vital constant monitored appears. Pressing the blue circle you can see the evolution of each constant and navigate within a chart. The evolution can be "1 hour", "1 day" and "1 week".

To see the history of notifications and alerts you can access from the main menu in the option "Notifications".

The temperature that Liip tells me seems low

The unit provided by the Liip Smart Monitor is specifically the distal peripheral temperature. As a result, this temperature is lower in regular conditions than from the armpit one.

The temperature register by liip Smart monitor supports a high-value information regarding the baby’s rest. You will be noticed of any type of discomfort that your child may feel.

About the sound of notifications

It is very important that when you are using Liip Smart Monitor, the phone is not in silent and the sound volume is at maximum.

Check that all notifications are activated. You can check how each will be heard by accessing the option "Sounds" from the “Settings” and clicking on the icon foneidoscopio.

The experiences of other users have made us discover that there are some applications that can cancel the sound of notifications on your phone, for example "Security Master". If you have this application and can not hear the sound of notifications, try uninstalling it.

Reliability and safety of Liip

A team of pediatricians of the Hospital Quirón Salud Valencia has carried out a comparative study with the reference system in monitoring vital signs, the hospital monitor, from newborn babies to children up to the age of 7.

Liip Smart Monitor has been compared with the Gold Standard in hospital monitoring "Masimo" and the study has shown a concordance higher than 98%. Liip stabilizes the movement signal more efficiently than hospital monitor and obtains a very similar measurement in stable conditions.

Liip has passed the demanding regulations to use it in babies and children, as demonstrated by the electromagnetic emission certifications, lower than the minimum allowed. Their bracelets are hypoallergenic, washable and protect the skin of the baby and the child. Also, Liip includes 3 sizes that adapt to their growth.

After-sales service and return policy

We provide you with an exclusive, free and personalized after-sales service, both from the technical side and from the medical side, to help you with any doubt or problem that can have.

In the lower right corner of our website, you can find a chat where you can ask us any questions, send us an email directly or request that we call you for free.

The product has a 2 year warranty, and if it fails, we fix it or proceed to the change. All the units pass a factory quality control and have access to the latest firmware version, as well as to the constant updates with new features.

You have 14 working days from the date of delivery, to request the return and refund. You will receive it with the same payment method used in the purchase once we receive the product. We have 14 calendar days to do it.

Since you communicate us the return you have 14 working days to send us the product with all the accessories and original packaging to the following adress:

Liip, La Marina de València, Muelle de la Aduana s/n, Edificio Lanzadera, 46024 Valencia, España.

We will refund the full amount, discounting the decrease in value of the components in case of missing some or if them are not in their original state. You can check the rest of the conditions of sale.

You can communicate your return by email to

Until what age we recommend using Liip?

Currently Liip Smart Monitor has been tested and studied from newborn babies and children up to the age of 7.

From Liip we want to be honest saying that, with more than that age, we can not ensure the proper functioning because we do not have clinical trials.

Can I turn off Liip Smart Monitor to save battery?

Yes. There is an off button that you can use to save your Liip Smart Monitor's battery when you are not using it:

  1. Use the button that you can find on the back of the manual.
  2. Insert it into the hole of the off button and keep it pressed for 4 seconds until a fixed blue light appears on the top of the core.
  3. Then remove the button.

You can turn on your Liip again. You have two ways to do it:

  • Push the button back into the hole of the off button and wait for a green light to appear at the top of the core.
  • Just connect Liip Smart Monitor to charge.
turn off

Liip Pediatricians pediatras

It is the platform that allows you to transmit the entire data history of the baby or child of the Liip Care application directly to the pediatrician, so he can evaluate the results.

You can access the list of pediatricians currently working with us from the stethoscope icon foneidoscopio in the Liip Care app.

If you want your pediatrician to obtain access to the platform, please contact us. You will have to provide us with his/her contact information.


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