Low Blood Oxygen Level

What does a low blood oxygen level notification mean?

A low blood oxygen level notification is generated by those changes detected by Liip Smart Monitor which may have an impact on the baby's or the child's health. In many occasions there is no reason for it to be detrimental to health. Only in case it prolongs or is repeated frequently on the same day, or the symptoms worsen, can it result in a more critical situation. Here are included from simple common catarrhal phases with mucus which may obstruct momentarily the airways to respiratory pathologies such as bronchiolitics, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthmatic shock, etc. Liip Smart Monitor detects in advance these situations and indicates what to do to prevent them.

What should you do at home?

When should an emergency service be consulted?

* This information is an excerpt from the Information Sheets for parents of the Spanish Pediatric Emergency Society and the Pediatric Emergency Protocols, you can find the information in full: