High Temperature

What does a high temperature notification mean?

A high temperature notification is normally generated when Liip Smart Monitor detects processes in the organism provoking an increase in temperature which causes fever. The appearance of fever is not always a negative effect on the baby, and in many cases it is a natural process of the baby's physiological development.

What should you do at home?

When should an emergency service be consulted?

When the organism suffers determined infections, some substances called pyrogens are released in the blood, whose objective is to increase temperature. This increase in temperature is important to fight the infection. Therefore not all cases of fever must be treated, except for those related to a physical discomfort of the baby or child, and you must not resort to an emergency service, with the exception of very specific cases:

* This information is an excerpt from the Information Sheets for parents of the Spanish Pediatric Emergency Society and the Pediatric Emergency Protocols, you can find the information in full: