Liip Smart Monitor


Enjoy your baby thanks to Liip Smart Monitor, a soft smart bracelet that is put on your baby's ankle. It measures baby’s pulse, oxygen saturation and skin temperature. It shows you notifications when necessary through the App to help you to take care of your baby.

What’s inside the box?

  • Core with pulse, oxygen and temperature sensors.
  • Washable bracelet that fits the size of your baby.
  • Exclusive access to the App and its updates.
  • Charger and USB cable.
  • An original didactic guide.

* The App requires smartphone or tablet Android with minimum version 4.4

* iOS version is coming!

More details


At the end of July it will be available again

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Find out more about Liip

Having a baby is the most fascinating and complex moment that you live as parents. Liip Smart Monitor provides you with the most advanced technology to help you to take care of your baby. It is the best ally on the most wonderful journey of your lives.

Liip does not replace your care nor the pediatrician. It replaces fear and concern for quiet and knowledge. This way you can see, smell, feel and enjoy your baby without worrying about anything else. Liip uses real data to provide you a better knowledge about what you cannot perceive with your senses. Liip Smart Monitor also helps your pediatrician to personalize and make more precise your baby’s care.