World´s Best Baby Safety Product

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World´s Best Baby Safety Product

Parents often suffer the anxiety produced by the concerns, fears and doubts about the health and well-being of their children, mainly due to the inability of babies and small children to communicate properly. This state of anxiety is substantially increased if the child is diagnosed with a pathology, has suffered any pathologic event or if the child is born prematurely. Nevertheless, the anxiety and concern do, however, not only apply to parents of children with pathologies, but also to parents with healthy children who have had previously any history in the family of abortions, sudden death or relatives with such pathologies. Among them, it is highly probable to find families without any relation to any pathology, but who are anxious and worried about the well-being of their baby and fear that they may suffer an episode due to an unpredictable event.

Therefore, monitoring the children’s key health parameters is considered a universal parental need, enabling to detect health problems and minimize possible harmful effects with an early intervention.

Liip Smart Monitor is the first smart bracelet in the world for babies’ healthcare. Its main objective is to help parents feel calm in every moment and provide them with knowledge about their baby´s well-being. Moreover, Liip Smart Monitor helps parents take care of those who they love the most, reducing their fear and constant doubts during the first months of their life and providing tranquility and rest while their children grow up.

Liip detects a baby’s main vital signs, those are blood oxygen, heart rate and distal temperature. Those vital signs are involved in the baby´s wellbeing. An app named LiipCare on their parents’ smartphone or tablet collects and manages the data by monitoring, recording, interpreting and analyzing it using mathematical algorithms. The acquisition of SpO2, HR and temperature allows us to provide parents with relevant information related to breathing, heart rate, temperature and sleep trends that no other monitoring system has reached up to date.

In case of detecting variations in the behavior and performance of the babies’ vital signs, parents are notified by the LiipCare App. Variations persisting over time could generate a problem for the health of the baby, and so LiipCare App takes parents into action protocols developed by our medical department and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, so they know at any time what they must do at home with a health problem and how to act.

Liip Smart Monitor Wearable device consists of an ergonomic wristband for babies and children up to 7 years of age, integrating a sensing module within a plastic case and 3 different sized hypoallergenic fabric straps (OEKO-TEX certification) which close using Velcro. The different sizes of the fabric straps and the use of Velcro enable it to closely – and comfortably - fit the device to the children while growing.

There are three free different apps that parents can access and get all the information, those are the following:

·LiipCare which is installed in the Smartphone o Tablet of each parent. This app provides information and alerts about baby´s vital signs and shows summaries in form of historic graphs of data. In case some parameter falls outside of a particular threshold, a notification will be send to the smartphone(s) connected to the system, enabling the recipients to react on time, avoiding possible crisis or episodes. The App is connected to the wristband directly via Bluetooth. In addition of the master user, 20 smartphone or tablets can be adding.
·Connected Care: this one you can find it just in the Tablet or PC which allows you to visualize all the data for several months through graphs. Connected Care provides much more information than the smartphone App (LiipCare) like the evolution of each parameter collected, the states through which the babies or children have passed by, etc. The App allows parents to monitor and analyze the historic values of the parameters in a more detailed way than in the mobile App.
·Liip Pediatrician: this one is linked with the specific GP (doctor) who can detect every problem no matter where they are.

Liip smart monitor meets all strict regulations guaranteeing the safety of babies and children.

Liip smart monitor is free electromagnetic emissions.

Reliability and Technological Lead

The reliability of Liip Smart Monitor has been proved in a clinical study at the Hospital Quirón Salud in Valencia, in which 394 babies and children up to 7 years old participated successfully.

 The results of the study and the experience of the thousands of families that are already using Liip Smart Monitor allow us to assure that it is the most reliable and comfortable tool to support parents take an active role in their children’s healthcare, providing them with what they value most and need: care, support, wellbeing, tranquility and security.

Liip smart monitor is made and designed in Europe.

That´s why Liip is the Innovation Award 2019 winner as The Best Safety Product.


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