Where to go on vacation with a baby

Tuesday 06,
Where to go on vacation with a baby

Summer is coming! Are you thinking where to go on vacation with a baby? Vacations have to be really well planned when there’s a baby in the family. The beach, the mountain… any destination may be a good choice to go with babies if you have plan it the right way and you adapt to its needs. Liip gives you some advice so you can enjoy the summer holidays with another member in the family.

Vacations with a baby on the beach

Many people choose the beach to spend their summer holidays. It can be a great destination to spend some relaxing days and enjoy with the family, even if you go with babies.

Babies can go to the beach at any age but you have to take into account that their skin is much more delicate and it requires some special care. If the baby is younger than 6 months old, do not expose their skin directly to the sun. Their skin is very sensitive and he is more likely to suffer burns. The best option is to place the baby in the shadow under a beach umbrella, with a thin t-shirt and always with sunscreen. You can also put on a cap on the baby or pour water on his head often to protect him from the sun. When babies are 1 year old they can play with the sand and go into the water, they will have a great time!

The sunscreen with a high sun protection factor is something that cannot be missing when spending vacations on the beach. But not only for the baby, parents must also put it on! It is also important that the baby is highly hydrated at all times.

You should try to go to the beach early in the morning or in the afternoon, that way you will avoid peak sunshine hours, between 12am and 4pm. The sun is strongest at this time and the baby is more likely to suffer burns. This way, you will also avoid the times where the beach is crowded and you will be able to relax and enjoy your holidays.
Vacations with a baby in the mountain

Vacations with a baby in the mountain

Spend your vacations with a baby in the mountain is also a great idea! What things do you have to bring with you?

A baby carrier would be a great idea if you are going to go on excursions in the mountain with your baby. This way, you will be able to take a nice walk with your baby without needing to take your trolley with you at all times. A mosquito repellent will also be very useful to prevent your baby from insect bites.

In the mountain, the sun hits very strong and can burn your skin, so do not forget the sunscreen for you and your baby! You can also put on a cap on the baby and it is also better to avoid the peak sunshine hours, that’s when the sun is more strong and prejudicial for its skin. And, of course, try to always maintain him highly hydrated.

Now that the summer is coming, who doesn’t want to take a refreshing dip in the pool or in the beach? It is good for everyone in order to beat the heat, and children love to play in the water, but always under an adult’s supervision. We need to be careful and keep an eye on our sons to avoid any injury.

National SAFE Kids Campaing, lifeguards companies ‘Emergencias7000’ and the Group segurbaby.com have initiated a campaign to avoid children from drowning and we are pleased to help raise awareness. If you want to take part of this campaign, you can also post in your social media with the hashtag #OjoPequeAlAgua, all help is necessary to take care of the little ones!

Liip wants to make caring for your baby easier. That is why we hope these recommendations help you choose where to go on vacation with a baby so you can enjoy his first vacations. You will spend a great time!

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