What is distal peripheral temperature?

Thursday 02,
What is distal peripheral temperature?

It is very important to know that the temperature recorded by the Liip Smart Monitor bracelet is the distal peripheral temperature. The distal peripheral temperature is slightly lower than the one normally measured with a thermometer. This is absolutely normal.

It should be taken into account that there are three temperatures in the body:

  • Central temperature: It is the temperature of the internal organs, and it is very difficult to measure by its accessibility.

  • Proximal peripheral temperature: the one measured in the armpit or in the mouth. Is the one they record with conventional thermometers.

  • Distal peripheral temperature: it is that of the external members, and it is the one that detects Liip. Under normal conditions it's always lower than the rest.

When the onset of fever or low-grade fever occurs, the organism reacts by equalizing the distal and proximal peripheral temperatures. So, if the baby's temperature rises, Liip will notify you in a precise and detailed manner.

Calibration Period

It is also noteworthy that during the first 15 minutes of use of Liip Smart Monitor a calibration is produced. During calibration, the measurements to be recorded are slightly lower than the actual ones. After the calibration process has been completed, the distal temperature reported by the Liip Care application is correct.

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