Wearables for Babies

Wednesday 11,
Wearables for Babies

A few years ago, surveillance technology took a radical turn by transforming robust monitors limited to hospital use or chronic patients into devices that easily detected vital signs, in the form of clocks or rings. This is how the first Smart Wearables appeared, devices that, through brands such as Apple Watch, FitBit or Garmin, monitor in real time some of our vital signs and send us information about issues related to our body: the number of steps we walk, the kilometers traveled, the steps we climb, the calories burned, the quality of our sleep.
The importance of these devices in our society lies in the need and the need to know more about our body.
To monitor the aspects, which make our quality of life and allow us to know ourselves better.
Today, 3 out of 5 people in the world wear a smart watch or watch connected
This allows us to make decisions about our lifestyle or control the parameters related to our health.
The example of diabetics who through their mobile devices always know their sugar levels and can anticipate crises that can occur even when sleeping.
And in this sense, the appearance of Wearables or smart baby monitors is one of the most repeated claims among parents for one basic reason: to know the welfare of the baby and prevent health problems.
Wearables for baby
Knowing how his baby sleeps, how he breaths, how he grows up, if something suddenly affects him, are the main preoccupations of parents.
The baby's inability to speak and the difficulty parents have in understanding it completes these concerns
When a baby is sick, worries increase among new parents and parents who have had certain experiences: premature births, bronchiolitis, febrile seizures, choking, fever, apnea ... and these fears acquire their apogee in the face of the greatest concern of the parents: sudden infant death.
The use of smart baby monitors, such as Liip Smart Monitor, is already helping thousands of families around the world enjoy their baby in peace and rest at night.
Liip Smart Monitor uses sophisticated technology and transmits information about the baby's well-being through a comfortable wristband to a parent's smartphone or tablet app called LiipCare.
It is the most complete smart bracelet on the market, it detects the main vital signs of the baby: blood oxygen, pulse and temperature. It alerts only if changes that occur can affect the baby's quality of life. The pediatric protocols integrated into the LiipCare application tell parents how to fight against these changes.

App LiipCare

All of this facilitates parents' decision-making without fear or haste. And above all, it transmits peace and confidence, because with Liip Smart Monitor, you know at any time how your little child is.
In the words of Dr. Gonzalo Pin, head of pediatrics at Quirón Salud Hospital: "The Liip Smart Monitor is one of the greatest advances in society and medicine of the last decade."
There are many beautiful stories told by mothers and fathers who give the lead role to Liip Smart Monitor, like Elizabeth, the mother of a 6-month-old baby who was constantly alerted by the Liip bracelet while she was sleeping for a very high pulse in his baby. . When he arrived at the hospital, the pediatric team diagnosed him with supraventricular tachycardia. According to the mother: "Thanks to Liip, the baby was saved and the pediatric team stored the data in charts to make a quick and accurate diagnosis."
Sergio Negre, head of gastro-pediatrics at Quirón Salud Hospital, goes further: "A few months ago, I heard the news of the death of a baby in the car while his mother was driving (the bad position of the baby in his car seat to gradually reduce the oxygen supply of the baby, to cause his death, the mother was not aware of anything because the baby had the position of the baby passible sleeping with the head slightly lowered, she it is realized the drama after 40min spent in the traffic). As a pediatrician and especially as a father, I wonder what would have happened if this mother had her baby with a bracelet like Liip Smart Monitor.
What is certain is that the present and the future of society go hand in hand with the use of smart technologies that, like Liip, make life easier for families.

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