Vaccination schedule

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Vaccination schedule

Vaccination is always an issue that worries parents. Given their impact, we have decided to write on this important subject. The vaccination calendar undergoes changes periodically, by what we are going to dedicate the space that it deserves so that all parents can have access to updates. Here you will find the current vaccination schedule to take the relevant decisions concerning the health of their children.

Before continuing, we consider it important to know the definition of the term "vaccine". The vaccine is a substance composed of a suspension of attenuated or killed microorganisms that is inserted into the body to prevent and treat certain infectious diseases. It stimulates the formation of antibodies with getting an immunization against these diseases.

Colloquial form, you can define a vaccine as the injection of about half dead creatures, with the intention that our body win you the battle forever and can do us no harm (in most cases). This would be a good way to explain to children the reason we are vaccinated.

However, it is not only children to those who fear the prick when. Many parents are also reluctant to their children undergo vaccination. The truth is that vaccines are considered in many countries as a privilege. National vaccination campaigns have eradicated illnesses such as poliomyelitis, diphtheria or smallpox which could cause terrible consequences and even death.

As well, acc,ording to these facts we will see five facts about immunization:

  1. World Health Organization consider vaccination as the most important practice in healthcare and one of the key instruments for promoting health.

  2. Every 20 seconds dies a child in the world for lack of vaccination.

  3. Measles, polio or pertussis were three diseases causing more deaths in Spain. Thanks to the vaccination are almost forgotten.

  4. Vaccines prevent 6,000,000 deaths annually.

  5. 95% of vaccine-preventable diseases are reduced by routine vaccination.

Having said that and to provide relevant information, we consider also convenient to explain some contraindications to vaccination according to the Committee Adviser of Vaccines of the Spanish Association of Paediatrics:

  1. reaction adverse serious to a dose prior of vaccine: reaction allergic severe (anaphylactic) to a dose prior of vaccine or to any of its components.

  2. hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to any component of the vaccine: an anaphylactic reaction to any component of the vaccine contraindicated new doses containing that component. Them products more allergens are them antibiotics (neomycin and streptomycin), the proteins of the egg, the thiomersal, the jellies (triple viral and chickenpox) and in less occasions the yeast (hepatitis B).

However, there are many false myths about vaccination, which are the reason why parents reject vaccines. Let’s clarify this matter explaining some frequently asked questions about vaccines:

  • Children whose mother is pregnant can be vaccinated, except the vaccine front the chickenpox in women seronegative in the last quarter of pregnancy.

  • Children whose mother is breastfeeding naturally can also be vaccinated.

  • There is no risk to a patient who has suffered from the disease of which you are vaccinated. The only expected effect is increased or reinforcement of naturally acquired immunity.

  • Patients diagnosed with epilepsy in stable situation and those who had febrile seizures can be vaccinated without risks.

  • Antibiotics are not contraindications for vaccines, with the exception of oral typhoid vaccine.

  • The parenteral application of desensitizing extracts against an allergen is not a contraindication to administer a vaccine, and will only be careful to apply them in different Member.

  • Hospitalized children can get vaccines they need, with the exception of the vaccine against rotavirus in hospital neonatal units.

  • Not anaphylactic allergy to any component of the vaccine do not constitute a contraindication for your application.

  • Family history of adverse reactions to vaccines or allergy to any component of the vaccine must not be taken into account.

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We hope this proves helpful!

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