Is it all right to sunbathe during pregnancy?

Tuesday 27,
Is it all right to sunbathe during pregnancy?

Is it all right to sunbathe during pregnancy? Summer is upon us and many pregnant women are now making this question. For this reason, in this post we provide you some recommendations which you must take into account if you sunbathe during pregnancy.

With the summer vacation upon us, it is time to sunbathe and relax. The sun has multiple benefits: favors the production of vitamin D, which is essential to have strong bones and teeth; strengthens the immune system; improves the blood pressure… However, the hormonal changes during pregnancy make the woman's skin more sensitive, that’s why precautions should be taken when women sunbathe during pregnancy in order to prevent burns or spots in their skin.

Sunbathe during pregnancy recommendations 

  • Do not be out in the sun for too long. The best is not to be more than 30 minutes. Try to stay in the shade under a beach umbrella or using fresh and light clothes. It is also important to avoid the peak sunshine hours, between 12am and 4pm. 
  • Use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. Put it on 30 minutes before sun exposure and every 2 hours or just after taking a bath.
  • During pregnancy there is an increased risk for spots skin to appear (chloasma or mask of pregnancy) due to the hormonal changes and sun exposure, affecting particularly the face. Use a sunscreen with a high sun protection factor in order to avoid the spots to darken. A cap or a hat can help avoid this type of spots in the face.
  • It is also recommendable for you to protect, with a specific product, the areas which are more susceptible to the onset of stretch marks, like the buttocks or the belly. The sun can affect in a greater extent the sensitive areas. 
  • During pregnancy the body temperature increases, so it is very important to be careful not to suffer a heat stroke. It is convenient not to sunbathe too much and avoid long baths in hot water in order to prevent it. 
  • You can take a nice walk along the sea shore instead of laying down in the towel to sunbathe. These walks are very good for the blood circulation and will help also help you stay cool and fresh.
  • Do not forget to hydrate! Drink water often in order to prevent dehydration and sunstrokes.

It is all right to sunbathe during pregnancy always with moderation and following the previous recommendations. During the summer vacations you can also practice some sport for pregnant women, which helps both the mother and the fetus, and can be really good to relax and relieve pains.

Do you like to sunbathe? We hope you enjoy the summer vacations!

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