Summer and circadian rhythms baby

Thursday 14,
Summer and circadian rhythms baby

The summer arrival is one of the most desired moments for families. Most of them have a holiday period allowing them to enjoy more fully their children compared with the rest of the year.  In addition, summery conditions are great for the circadian rhythms development of our children, which are highly importants.The good weather invites to take advantage of one of the greatest gifts from the Spanish geography: Our wonderful beaches.

There is no better time than summer to encourage the development and consolidation of circadian rhythms of the baby. Circadian rhythms are the biological clock that nature uses to regulate sleep-wake cycles and the main body physiological functions. They are repeated every 24 hours and their proper regulation is essential to enjoy a good quality of life.

The first thousand days of the baby's life are a vital period. This stage will mark the brain development, the immune system, circadian rhythms and the digestive system, among others.

In this regard, it is a key to highlight the importance of the formation of baby’s circadian rhythms. In recent years they have greatly expanded knowledge about them. It has been studied how they vary vitals and baby biological cycles, and the benefits that environmental variables have on these circadian rhythms. We can say that summer would be a good ally for its development

Summer allows us to enjoy a more hours of light. This period is ideal for the baby, to do outdoor activities with him favoring sleep at night and develop their own ability to regulate his body temperature. In addition, summer is the season in which babies have fewer illnesses.

baby circadian rhythms

However, to enjoy the summer with our babies we must take some precautions:

- First bath: As we know, watery is the natural environment of the baby during pregnancy. However, in Spain there is no recommended age to bathe the baby, either sea water or pool . Many experts recommend 6 months of age to take the first bath, due to the skin sensitivity of the baby.

- Sun: Before the first 6 months, babies are particularly vulnerable to direct sunlight, and this  situation is even more difficult in summer. Therefore, the best advice is to keep the baby in the shade. If you want to go to the beach do not forget to take the umbrella and using sun cream with a high level protection factor. It is recommended to choose creams with 50+  factor for the children, especially with physical filter, which are not absorbed and babies which are younger than 6 months may apply. It is also advisable to use certified UV protection clothing for babies, which can be used during bath. Sunglasses complement which are a key to protect the retina from ultraviolet rays. Besides having UV screen, they should also be approved.

Beach and pool schedule: Experts recommend to Avoid exposing the baby skin to the sun between 12 hours to 17 hours). Exposure to ultraviolet rays, or high temperatures can be dangerous for children. Babies are less able to remove heat through sweat, thereby this reason increase the risk of dehydration.

Sand: One of the most amazing for children. In addition,sand stimulates the baby’s creativity and brain development and we can interact with him through games. Likewise, is one of the biggest concerns for parents, it is inevitable the baby wants to put it in his mouth. Nothing happens, it is logical because the baby wants to taste the flavor and texture of the sand, but it is important to be aware that he does not it often and notice that the sand is not dirty.

From Liip’s team we believe that summer is a wonderful time to enjoy our children. We just have to have some care to simplify and reduce the parents concerns, protecting the baby from the sun’s dangers, beach and pool.

Let's make prevention our best traveling companion.

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