Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Thursday 17,
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

When your baby is sleeping, ¿how many time are you checking if he breathes normally?

For all new parents, the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is one of the main concerns.

Most cases occur in the first 6 months and affect both breastfed babies and those who are fed with powder milk. The causes of sudden death in babies are still unknown, but parents can follow some recommendations that can help prevent it.

¿What is the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)?

The sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is, as it names indicates, the sudden and unexpected death of a baby under age one apparently healthy. Nearly 80% of deaths occur between the first and sixth month and affect particularly boys.

Causes of sudden death in babies

The causes of sudden death in babies are still unknown, but there exist some groups of infants who present a larger risk of suffering it such as: boys, premature babies, underweight born babies, those who had a sibling who suffered it, and babies under 4 months.

How to prevent sudden death in babies

The sudden infant death syndrome represents the most common cause of death in under age babies. The causes of sudden death in babies are still unknown and a treatment to avoid it has not been determined.

In the words of Dr. Luisa Mompó, Pediatrician at the QuironSalud Hospital: “the pediatrician is always late, so efforts should be directed to prevention. Liip Smart Monitor helps you detect if your baby is suffering the sudden infant death syndrome by informing you when its pulse and saturation of oxygen drops too low, which indicates the baby has stopped breathing and needs some help. "

Liip Smart Monitor detects in real time the baby’s main vital signs, those are oxygen levels, heart rate and distal temperature. Those vital signs are involved in the baby´s well-being. An App named LiipCare® on their parents ’smartphone or tablet collects and manages the data by monitoring, recording, interpreting and analyzing it using mathematical algorithms. The acquisition of SpO2, HR and temperature allows us to provide parents with relevant information related to breathing, heart rate, temperature and sleep trends that no other monitoring system has reached up to date.

In case of detecting variations in the behavior and performance of the babies' health, parents - and up to 20 other caretakers - are notified in real time by the LiipCare® App. Moreover, LiipCare® App takes parents into action protocols developed by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, so they know at any time what they must do at home with a health problem and how to act on.

That´s why Liip Smart Monitor is the Innovation Award 2019 winner as The Best Safety Product.

Liip World - Best Safety Product -

In order to prevent sudden death in babies, parents shall follow these instructions:

• Put the baby on their back to sleep.

• Avoid placing pillows in the crib and make sure the sheets are tight so the baby does not choke.

• Avoid tobacco and smoky environments during pregnancy and after birth.

• Do not use alcohol or drugs during pregnancy.

• A suitable temperature of the room, a correct thermal comfort of the baby, avoid that its distal peripheral temperature exceeds 36.5ºC in the absence of fever. It is important to keep a comfortable temperature in the bedroom, avoiding excess heat or cold and not covering the baby too much.

• The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends the use of a pacifier during sleep because of the suction it produces.

• Do not place them on a mattress or soft surface, but on a rigid mattress. It is also important to avoid pillows and cushions that could affect their breathing.

• Avoid covering his head while the baby sleeps.

• Let babies sleep in the same room as parents but not in the same bed.

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