Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Sudden Infant Death Syndrom or SIDS causes more than 600 deaths per year in Spain and more than 7,000 in Europe. Knowing the risk factors and preventive factors recommended by pediatricians is key to help avoid it. Stop smoking, the correct posture when they are sleeping, maintaining the baby's distal temperature below 37ºC or using a pacifier are some of the recommendations we give you in this post.

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics defines it as "Sudden death of a child less than a year old, which apparently occurs during sleep and which remains unexplained after a meticulous postmortem investigation [...]".

The sudden death of a baby is devastating for the parents who have suffered it and a reason for unrest for those who do not. Knowing the causes or risk factors can help reduce fear and anxiety.

Sudden Infant Death: Causes

The main factors that increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome are:

Maternal factors

  • The smoking habit of the mother during pregnancy or the fact of exposing the infant to tobacco smoke.
  • Share the bed with the baby, esMaternal-factorspecially if the parents smoke.
  • Children born to mothers under 20 years of age. Those born to mothers under 15 triple the risk.
  • Drug use or alcohol abuse.
  • Complications of pregnancy or delivery as an early detachment of the placenta or premature rupture of membranes among others.

Factors of the nursing baby

  • Premature babies or underweight babies
  • Being the brother of a baby who has suffered a sudden death.
  • The risk is double for twins or multiple gestations.
  • Babies with a history of apnea as a respiratory problem.

Environmental factors

  • The position to sleep is the most important. It is advised to lie them on their back to reduce the risk.
  • Do not lie them on a mattress or a soft surface but on a rigid mattress. It is also important to avoid pillows or cushions that may hinder your breathing.

Protective factors that decrease the risk of sudden infant death

  • It is advised at least until the year, to share a room in order to achieve better care and more attention to the position of the baby, although not sharing a bed.
  • The use of a pacifier during sleep is also recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics due to the suction it performs.
  • Breastmilk is another recommendation because it protects against infections.
  • A suitable temperature of the room, a correct thermal comfort of the baby, avoid that its distal peripheral temperature exceeds 36.5ºC in the absence of fever.
  • Vaccines are also recommended to reduce the sudden death of the baby.

It is important to avoid everything that increases the risk, as well as to favor the protective factors that reduce it in order to achieve the main objective: to avoid the sudden infant death.

As the pediatrician José Emilio Olivera says "the pediatrician is always late, so efforts should be directed to prevention."

Sergio Negre from Hospital Quiron Salud agrees with his counterpart, stressing that the Liip Smart Monitor "has an important role in prevention, helping to recognize the syndrome of sudden infant death. This is because it can detect decreases in the saturation of oxygen and then heart rate, Liip also measures the distal peripheral temperature, related to thermal comfort, decreasing the risk that the baby may be overbrushed. "

The last goal is to inform and notify about the health of your baby, generating the calm and security that you need.

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