How to stop using diapers ?

Friday 22,
How to stop using diapers ?

One of the greatest concerns for parents is choosing the right moment for their baby to stop using diapers. What appears certain is that is not possible to generalize with children.  Everyone has his own rhythm and this is no better or worse. This is why we will discuss the importance of being patient with our baby. We want to help with this post all those new parents who feel lost.

Usually, babies develop their bladder control between two and a half and three years. Sometimes before this age; sometimes after it. What is the most important is not to make the baby feel embarrassed, not by a long chalk, punishing the child. Many parents try to to speed up the process by  threatening the child. It is a necessary thing to tell the child that is not his fault and not to make him feeling bad about getting wet. We are not aware how we are stressing the child out. In fact, stress is precisely one of the main reasons why children get wet. Fear is an enemy if we want our baby to stop using diapers.

However, once we think that our baby is ready to stop using diapers, it will be time to act. Here are five tips that will help you:

      1. Take it easy!

Isaac Newton already said: “If I have ever made any valuable discoveries, it has been due more to patient attention, than to any other talent”. Well, in the case of parenthood is the same thing. Make our baby to stop using diapers will not be an easy task, but we must be patient. We have to be aware that probably at this important stage for our baby it will be "forward-backward" moments. we should not  convey our frustration to our baby. As everything in life, trial and error is a basic tool for learning, and in this case it will not be different.

      2. which is the best season for the baby to stop using diapers?

Although we can choose when we want our baby to stop using diapers, it is true that summer is once again a great ally. It's hotter and this encourages to wear fewer clothes. The baby will associate it as a positive thing because he will feel more comfortable. On the other hand, parents have more time to spend with their baby and less worries. On holidays everything looks nicer. Let's seize this moment !

      3. Communication between parents and their baby

To communicate with our baby is an essential step that many parents are skipped. They believe that the baby will not understand them, then they do not explain this important challenge of which he is the main protagonist. Let him feel like a hero. See this article for more information about the importance of talking to babies.

      4. Build an habit

It is well known that building an habits or routines helps to internalize a daily practice. Stop using diapers is no exception. In the same way as we establish a schedule for exercising is very important to do the same when you want your baby to stop using nappies. To do this, we need to fix several times each day and sit the baby a few minutes into the potty. The baby must be associated  this moment as a positive thing. A fun idea is to sit ourselves on the toilet so that he does the same in his potty. Babies are the greatest fans of parents and they also are wonderful observers and imitators.

      5. Games and positive reinforcement

Games and positive reinforcement are closely related to communication, they will be our main tools to communicate with the baby and generate good experiences for him. We can try to focus on the fact of stop using diapers as an adventure or challenge. You must be imaginative. The more fun the baby have the more results you will see. Also, if we reward the baby whenever he notifies us when he wants to go to the toilet, it will be a great motivation for him.

When our baby will do something well, let you child feel like a winner !

baby hand up

Do not forget that the most important thing is to know that every child is unique and has his own pace. From Liip we encourage you to follow these tips. Do not hesitate to tell us your experiences. We will be pleased to know them!

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