How to start solid food for baby

Wednesday 24,
How to start solid food for baby

At some point all parents become a question:

"Is it time to start solid food in the diet of my baby?"

As well, in today's post we wanted to gather all the necessary information, as well as useful tips to help you. We know that the task of being parents not is nothing easy. Especially, new parents have to face several crises, problems and headaches. We are here to help them. We want to help you in this incredible, difficult, exciting and unique experience of being parents.

In this post we will find the signs that a baby shows to know that he’s ready to introduce solid food in his diet; first solid food more recommended; How do him and finally the explanation of the maneuver of Heimlich in case of choking.

Broadly speaking, the baby shows signs of being prepared for the introduction of solid food between the 4th and 6th month. As always, we emphasize that each child is different and there’s not a fixed rule. However, in general terms and as guidance to parents that often the age range. Until that age, baby is fed breast milk or formula, thus taking all the necessary calories. His digestive system still not ready to introduce solid food until approximately fulfilled 6 months of age.

There are a few signs that we will notice that the baby is ready for the introduction of solid food in his diet. Some of them are as follows:

  • Head control: the baby is able to keep head and neck upright and firm way. This is very important, since we prevent choking and unnecessary scares.

  • It has no extrusion reflex: see that baby already does not push the food with the language to remove the food out of the mouth.

  • Movements of chewed: the development of his mouth and his tongue is synchronized with his digestive system. To start introducing solid food, it is necessary that baby is able to bring the food to the bottom of his mouth and swallow. A sign of this is when we baby lowers the drooling. It is usually accompanied by teething.

  • The baby has increased his weight: many babies prove to be ready to introduce solid food to double the weight they had at birth. As a reference, the scope of the 7 kilos tends to be a good weight for this. They must have at least 4 months of age. This is a critical point, since it is a moment of risk for childhood obesity.

  • Increase of the appetite: despite breastfeeding to the baby or give you the milk of formula numerous times throughout the day, seems to not be satisfied and have more hunger.

  • Curious about what the elderly eat: shows interest in food from the parents and the rest of the family or guests, and tries to steal bits or cutlery, glasses...

What are the most recommended solid food for baby?

baby solid food

Depending on his age you will have to introduce food slowly

6 months

  • Fruit: Banana because its texture is preferred. In addition, you can choose any other fruit of different colors to make it attractive for the baby. Avoid those that are acidic so the baby does not show rejection.

  • Vegetables: Once the baby has accepted the fruit, we can introduce vegetables. It is often recommended this order since they are similar in appearance, but the fruity flavor tends to be more pleasant in a first contact for baby.

  • Bread: Always in small quantities and for 3 or 4 weeks to monitor any allergic reaction to gluten intolerance. Usually, often to the delight of the baby since it is becoming soft and ingested it easily. As soon as you paste it, the same thing happens. It will help us to make the first baby dishes more appealing. We will take advantage of the variety of shapes and colors that are on the market.

9 months

  • Fish: the reason for which not is introduced before is because can cause allergies. Fish also contains some toxic substances harmful to young infants. Always you will give the fish after perform a comprehensive control and verify that not have thorns.

  • Meat: similar to with the fish, go with special care with the bones and chips.

12 months

  • Eggs: It is from the year of life when deemed advisable to introduce the "hard-boiled" or "boiled eggs" in the baby's diet.

  • Cheese: the ideal is give him in first instance cheese fresh. Soft texture and flavor will provide much work baby. Subsequently, to have greater control of chewing and swallowing, we will be able to introduce different types of cheese. There are, however,to watch as with bread and possible pasta intolerances or allergies. Lactose intolerance is affecting more and more to a large number of people.

There is controversy about introducing new food in the form of pure for, later, give it to them in solid version. Despite this, many professionals recommend to follow this transition:

  • Mash-semi-liquid

  • Triturado-molido

  • Mash with small, soft pieces

  • Solid

The reason why this "method" has rivals is the fact that by mixing different flavors of food, this can create reject the baby. It would be as simple as not to mix those who have a strong flavor, such as fish. However, seems a very logical way to introduce different textures to our baby.

The Heimlich maneuver

Finally, we have believed convenient to explain the "Heimlich maneuver". It is frequent that let's us some scare the first times. However, the baby, using the coughed, usually redirect food unless you reach higher.

The Heimlich maneuver or abdominal subdiaphragmatic compression will make it in case of choking. It is different for adults and babies and renews the technique frequently.

At present would have to be done in the following way:

  1. Put the baby facedown on the forearm of the adult, holding his head at all times.

  2. Use the heel of one hand to give up to 5 back slaps between the baby's shoulder blades.

  3. If the object does not pop out, support the baby's head and turn him or her faceup on your thigh. Keep the baby's head lower than his or her body.

  4. Place 2 or 3 fingers just below the nipple line on the baby's breastbone and give 5 quick chest thrusts.

If the object is not, repeat this sequence. Before the operation, we must observe the inside of the baby's mouth. Sometimes the object is visible and you can remove it easily. Otherwise, performing the maneuver while professional help which we have previously requested.

baby maneuve heimlich

As always look forward to this post serve you help!

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