Playing sports with your baby

Thursday 11,
Playing sports with your baby

Time is getting on and trends change. Being a "fit-mom’" or "fit-dad" is the new fashion. That is why we will talk in this post about which are the 5 best options for playing sports with your baby. Fortunately, this trend has created among a large crowd of moms and dads, and the truth is to be fashion was never so fun and healthy. Now, in truth, it is not a fad for lazy people, so let’s move up a gear, a big challenge is awaiting us!

At first, we want to tell you some of the many benefits of playing sports with your baby:

  1. A great emotional bond between parents and babies is established.

  2. It helps moms in their physical recovery after pregnancy and childbirth.

  3. It  can help releasing endorphins and battling postpartum depression in mothers and the stress of  being concerned about the baby’s health, especially in new parents.

  4. We are instilling the baby an habit of healthy lifestyle from an early age. As he grows he will have a routine that will have a positive impact on his health.

  5. It helps to establish the circadian rhythms due to the energy expenditure during the day, that will be the baby feel himself more tired at night and sleep better.

And now that we are all convinced that playing sports with the family has only advantages, we will know the 5 best sports to play with your baby:

SWIMMING: We could not start the summer in a better way than swimming. All year waiting to take the first dip, and in this case we will do it with a new member: Our baby. Water has many benefits for the baby. It generates very pleasant and relaxing stimulation, that ensures a good rest. As far as parents, there are well known positive effects of swimming, both physically and mentally. We emphasize strengthening back, arms and legs.

SKATING WITH THE STROLLER: It is increasingly common seeing moms and dads who go out to skate and they carry their baby in the stroller. This is an ideal sport to practice with you baby for training cardio and especially  leg muscles. He will have a great time, and it will offer extra stability for parents. If we change the skates for sneakers (running), we will increase the intensity of the exercise.

PILATES: More and more the number of fans is increasing. This is a great sport to play with your baby. Parents perform the exercises with the best classmates they could have. Baby’s weight is a perfect resistance for toning our muscles. In addition, it build confidence between the baby and parents that will strengthen their emotional bond.

HIKING: We just have to get hold of a good baby carrier, and choose an easy trail to minimize risks. With work stress and everyday life, going to the mountains is the perfect plan to enjoy nature with family. It is an excellent exercise because the rough terrain increase caloric waist compared to a leisurely stroll down the street. The baby will be happy to know colors, sounds and smells which will be new for him.

TONING: For fitter parents. It is doing different exercises adding the baby's weight. There are many celebrities who exercise with their babies or even take advantage of the stroller to train. This is a fantastic idea for playing sports with your baby. Exercises like squats, lounges, hip raises and an endless list of possibilities that will put you in shape while your baby is having a great time.

We can not finish this post without stressing the importance of taking safety precautions. Using life preservers and suitable fasteners systems due to avoid a fright. Join this pretty trend and enjoy a healthier life!

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