Original gifts for newborn babies

Friday 20,
Original gifts for newborn babies

When a baby is born it is very common to give him many gifts. Sometimes some of them are very useful and every family need them when the newborn arrives. But there are also gifts that are not practical and never come to use.

Before choosing the perfect gift for a baby, it is convenient to consider the lifestyle of each family and their needs. It is necessary to know if the baby will be fed with breast milk or artificial milk, if they are new parents or not...thus we will find an useful gift for parents and make them easier the arrival of the baby.

We recommend you some original gifts for newborn babies that can be very useful for the baby and also for the parents.

  • Diaper cake. Diapers are essential when a baby arrives. It is a gift that you know you are not going to fail and and you can be sure that they will use it. An original idea to present them is like a cake that you can make at home if you are skillful or you can buy it.
  • Breastfeeding cushion. For parents who choose to breastfeed their babies it can be a good gift. It can be supplemented with a breastfeeding necklace, to make it easier and more comfortable for the mother to feed her baby.
  • Massage for pregnant women. When we are thinking of gifts, we always think of material objects, but when you are pregnant or you have a baby, the tranquility is highly valued. A relaxing massage during this period can be a great idea to reduce stress and to enjoy all the unique moments of this stage.
  • Rear view baby mirror. If the baby travels in countermarch, these mirrors can be very useful for controlling it. So you can know that he is fine while you are driving and avoid great distractions. 
  • Portable changer. If parents like to go out and to do activities with their baby, a portable changer is a gift that they will use. Changing the baby's diaper is something that all parents have to do wherever they are.
  • Personalized story. If you want an original, fun and unique gift, a personalized story is a good idea. The stories always like to all babies and if they are the protagonists it is sure that they will be very excited.

original gifts for newborn babies

  • Personalized pacifiers, bodys and bibs. When you have a baby something you will have for sure are pacifiers, bodys and bibs. An original gift for newborn babies can be customized it with some funny phrases, names, photos, etc. And if instead of having one baby the family have two babies, this gift can be very useful.
  • Toy to hang in the baby carriage. How to entertain the baby is something that all parents want to know. Some soft toys with sounds, colors and textures may be interesting for the baby to be distracted for a while. If it is possible to hang it in the baby carriage is a plus to prevent that it falls down to the ground and becomes dirty.
  • Liip Smart Monitor. Having a baby is a unique experience but they it also means to be worried every moment to know if everything is ok. Liip gives you information about temperature, pulse and blood oxygen saturation of your baby which helps you to know better your baby's health. Liip Smart Monitor will be on sale very soon, thus you will enjoy with your baby and live this experience as calmly as possible.

We hope these ideas of original gifts for newborn babies will be useful. In case of doubt you can ask the parents because they will know what they need. And if you don’t have any idea, you can give him a gift card with money to buy what they want.

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