Newborn care at home

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Newborn care at home

The baby has been born and you have spent some days at the hospital. Now’s the time to go home, do not panic! You will for sure have lots of doubts, but we want to help you with these newborn care at home tips.

  1. During the first days of life, the skin of the baby may become dry. It is usual do to its adaptation period to a drier environment very different from the aqueous environment where he has developed. In order to moisturize his skin, you can use creams and baby oils several times a day.
  2. Due to the immaturity of its Nervous and Digestive Systems, babies can have hiccups frequently until the age of 6 months. It isn’t any risk for the newborn and they usually disappears after 10-15 minutes. Although a special formula to take away the hiccups doesn’t exist, you can follow these tips to prevent hiccups in newborn babies so it occurs less frequently. 
  3. Newborn babies sleep most of the day. Remember that the baby must sleep on their back in order to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. If the newborn vomits frequently, you can turn his face to the side or lay him in a sloping surface. Avoid tobacco and smoky environments during pregnancy and after birth, and also take away all accessories and toys from the baby’s crib.
  4. Baby colic also produces lots of stress among parents. It takes place due to the immaturity of the newborn’s Digestive System and it doesn’t affect the growth and development of the baby. You just need to be patient because it usually disappears at the fourth month. 
  5. The bones of a newborn baby’s skull are soft and moldable, that’s why they can deform if he always gets rest in the same position. In order to prevent it, you should change its head position when he is asleep: looking forward, to one side or face down when he’s awake. In case you notice any deformation, you should check with the pediatrician to know if any treatment is needed. It is also convenient that you change its body position once in a while so the body part in which he rests doesn’t bruise due to the immaturity of its Circulatory System.
  6. At lunchtime, the baby’s feeding frequency can vary. If you are going to start with breastfeeding you can feed him on demand during the first months. If you choose the feeding bottle you can feed him every 3 hours.
    Newborn care at home for parents
  7. Regurgitations are also frequent during the baby’s first months of life due to the immaturity of its Digestive System. They cannot be avoided, they are physiological and decrease if the baby doesn’t lay down immediately after being fed.
  8. It’s time to take a bath! You can bath the baby since the day you arrive home. Make sure the bedroom is warm and that the water temperature is hot but doesn’t burn. Once you have finished, dry his head and body smoothly, without forgetting the skin folds in order to avoid skin irritations. Remember to dry very gently the umbilical cord and, in order to avoid infections, we suggest you to follow the next umbilical cord care in the newborn.
  9. During the first months it is convenient for you to change the baby’s diaper often to avoid irritations. Make sure you clean the area with baby wipes from top to bottom and apply a baby cream so he doesn’t get a diaper rash.
  10. You don’t know how many clothes should you put on your baby? Newborns don’t adjust their body temperature the same way as the adults. But that doesn’t mean they should wear multiple layers, it is recommended for them to wear just one more layer than you. A trick to know if they are hot or cold is touching their neck and back.
  11. Sneezes are also normal and frequent, especially during the baby’s first month. It doesn’t mean they are cold, it is just due to the immaturity of its Respiratory System.
  12. Do not give your baby a pacifier until breastfeeding is established. Afterwards it can be useful to calm them down and to prevent the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome while they sleep.

Do you have any more doubts about the newborn care at home? Tell us and we will help you enjoy every moment with your baby and offer you the maximum peace of mind.

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