New moms gifts

Tuesday 02,
New moms gifts

Do you want to make a gift to a special person that has recently been a new mom?
You can give her a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, but if you really want to give her a surprise, take a look to these new moms gifts that we suggest. You will get it right for sure!

  1. During pregnancy and with the baby’s arrival, free time is precious! All mothers need to rest and relax, and what a better place than in a spa treatment or receiving a massage
  2. If the mother has chosen breastfeeding and you want to give her something useful, she will for sure like a breastfeeding t-shirt that will help her breastfeed the baby. 
  3. What about a book? A romantic story, a comedy, crime fiction or one about maternity in order to solve all her doubts she may have. This way she will enjoy the free time she gets.
    A book as a new moms gift
  4. Having a baby is a unique experience. If you are looking for a new moms gifts so they can remember with emotion this stage of life, you can give her a piece of jewellery that she can wear everyday. To make it even more special, you can personalize it with the baby’s name, with a emotional quote or with the word “mom”. It will be a nice memory she will always have!
  5. Time flies and babies grow up quickly. An unforgettable and lifelong gift is a photoshoot with the baby, they will love it! The age of the baby does not matter so it can be a great gift whether it is a newborn baby or an older baby.
  6. Mothers are always thinking in others and they do not dedicate enough time to themselves. Give her a beauty treatment so she can take care of her skin and so she has time to relax. Another good idea is a beauty kit so she can decide when to take care of herself at home. The kit can include creams, skin caring essential oils, exfoliant salts or products for the stretch marks that may have appear during pregnancy.
  7. Is there anything more important for a mom than the baby’s health? If she is a new mom, the doubts and preoccupations will increase because everything is new for her. A present that will help her and will give peace of mind to her maternity is Liip Smart Monitor. It measures the baby’s vital signs and alert through an app if there is any change in the baby’s health.
    Liip Smart Monitor as a new moms gift
  8. If during pregnancy the mother could not eat cold meat because of the toxoplasmosis, we are sure after childbirth she will love to eat some serrano ham… She will for sure love to receive some Iberian sausages!
  9. When the baby arrives there is not much time left to spend with your couple and most of the time involves taking care of the baby. What about giving her some theater tickets? That way, they can enjoy a musical, a funny play... and spend a great time together!
  10. If you prefer to don’t take a risk, you can give her a gift card for a shopping mall or a specific store she loves. That way, she will be able to buy whatever she needs or what she most likes in that moment.

Surprise her and tell her how much you love her with this new moms gifts. We hope these ideas help you choose the perfect gift. Tell us if you got it right!

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