Millennial Moms

Tuesday 31,
Millennial Moms

The mother and housewife role is lagging behind. Nowadays, they work and study, are devoted themselves to their family and love technology. They use the smartphones with the aim of staying ahead of the pack in terms of fashion trends, so we can call them ‘’Millennial Moms’’. Do you feel identified?

The current times, society and consumer habits are changing and women are not separate from these shifts. The key is not to be afraid and enjoying the new opportunities.

Different studies say that  millennial moms account for 51 % of users of social networks and have concerns about being " the perfect mom " . They feel recognized and great supported, which did not exist before, when they feel tired and  see positive comments on Facebook or Instagram by his role as a mother. A while ago, they had their photos in the wallet, and now have an average of 1,500 photos on social media.

Millennial Moms grew online, and is for this reason that the brands which have managed to integrate mobility and digitization  in everyday tasks are gaining ground. "There are more options as ever before, so that today's consumers are always willing to try brands that have new and interesting concepts," says Sucharita Mulpuru, analyst at Forrester, a leading company in market analysis and technology.

Besides millennial moms are digital influential women, 9 out of 10 share in some social network technology, fashion, ehealth and food products, and it is because more and more there are more apps and innovative products which help to lead a calmer life, as Liip that helps  millennial moms enjoying their motherhood, lifestyle and find the perfect balance between technology, leisure and family.

Millennial moms are particularly interested in issues related to health, and how to treat medical care for their families. The ease to realize medical checkups and book appointments through a simple application is a very attractive value proposition for them.

The study states that they routinely use the smartphone to buy, even at the store. 63 % of millennial moms recognize that they use more the mobile from pregnancy, and 73 % belong to communities where they can share opinions about brands or products. Most of them  recognize that quality content and videos improve their perceptions of the brand. They use it to find coupons, better prices elsewhere, recommendations and reviews from other moms, recipes and to share photos and videos even asking about the product.

Millennial moms pay more attention to unique brands which deliver both physical and  digital experience.

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