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  • Kit for new parents

    Tuesday 28,

    Being a parent is an adventure that is not easy, especially the first few months. At this stage everything is new and you can be a bit lost with thousands of doubts. At Liip we want to help you to take care of your baby with this kit for new parents in which you will find everything that you will need to survive the first months with the newborn.

  • Sport for pregnant women

    Friday 17,

    Sport for pregnant women is beneficial for both mother and baby. It helps to control weight, tone, relieve pain and prepare for childbirth. During this stage it is recommended to do moderate exercise and it is important to ask to the doctor in advance to confirm that there are no complications that could endanger pregnancy.

  • Bottles for newborn babies

    Friday 03,

    Are you going to be parents and are you organizing the arrival of the baby? It is a beautiful moment but at the same time there are many doubts. If you have decided to feed the baby with a bottle, either with breast milk or artificial milk, this bottles for newborn babies guide can help you.

  • Original gifts for newborn babies

    Friday 20,

    When a baby is born it is very common to give him many gifts. Sometimes some of them are very useful and every family need them when the newborn arrives. But there are also gifts that are not practical and never come to use. We give you some ideas of original gifts for newborn babies that will be very useful for you.

  • Playing sports with your baby

    Thursday 11,

    Time is getting on and trends change. Being a "fit-mom’" or "fit-dad" is the new fashion. That is why we will talk in this post about which are the 5 best options for playing sports with your baby. Fortunately, this trend has created among a large crowd of moms and dads, and the truth is to be fashion was never so fun and healthy.

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