Kit for new parents

Tuesday 28,
Kit for new parents

Being a parent is an adventure that is not easy, especially the first few months. In this stage everything is new and you can be a bit lost with thousands of doubts. At Liip we want to help you to take care of your baby with this super kit for new parents in which you will find everything that you will need to survive the first months with the newborn.

To feed the baby

  • WHO recommends exclusive and on-demand breastfeeding for the first 6 months of the baby's life. If you choose this option, it is convenient for the mother to have:
    • Several breastfeeding bras and absorbent disks to prevent stains on clothing.
    • A breastfeeding pillow that will help the baby and the mother to be more comfortable.
  • If you choose to feed the baby with artificial milk you will need:
    • Several baby bottles.
    • A sterilizer.
    • A brush to clean baby bottles.
    • A thermos to keep hot water when you are away from home.

For baby hygiene

  • Bath products and creams that are respectful for the baby’s skin.
  • Diapers, wet wipes and creams for the baby.
  • Bathtub or bathtub adapter.
  • Scissors with a round tip to cut nails that do not damage feet and hands.
  • Changer to change the baby away from home.

For the baby’s health

  • Liip Smart Monitor. The baby monitor that includes thermometer and pulse oximeter is essential the kit for new parents. It measures your baby's temperature, pulse, and blood oxygen saturation and sends you notifications when needed through an app.
  • First aid kit with sterile gauze, bandages...

kit for new parens and for the baby

For the baby to sleep

To dress the baby

  • Bodys, socks, bibs, hats and mittens.
  • Keep in mind that babies grow very fast so do not buy too much clothes because they will not use them in a short time.

To go for a walk with the baby

  • Safety seat for the car. Make sure it is approved and it has the right measures for the newborn.
  • Baby carriage. It will help you to walk with your baby.
  • Bag to carry all baby accessories. When leaving home with your baby you will need an infinite number of things that you can carry in an organized way in one of these bags.

In this kit for new parents you should add something that is essential, patience and help! The arrival of the baby to home can be complicated, but you will learn everything, you just have to get used to the baby and know their habits. Sure everything will be fine! If you have questions, at Liip will be happy to help you.

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