Ideas to decorate a baby shower

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Ideas to decorate a baby shower

Do you want to prepare a party to celebrate your baby’s arrival? A baby shower is a great idea if you want to enjoy this special moment with your relatives and friends. There are lots of details to think about, so you must have time to organize it well! The decoration is one of the most important things, and for sure it will be the one that most time will take you. In order to help you, let us suggest you some ideas to decorate a baby shower. You will love them!

  • Before you choose the decoration, you should decide where will the baby shower take place. This way, you will know the space you count with to plan the decoration. 
  • The next step before you start decorating the facilities is to choose the baby shower’s theme. Choosing a theme you like offers you endless decorating possibilities. Some ideas are: the jungle, your favorite movie, a story, a funfair...
  • Once you have chosen the place and the theme, you can start the decorations! In all baby showers parents receive lots of presents for them and the baby, so you must leave a space, such as a table or some pretty boxes, where the guests can leave them once they step in.
  • You will also like to have a souvenir of all relatives and friends that have been part of this important day. Prepare a guest signature book, such as a nice notebook or a more original idea, so all guests can sign there. In the future you will love to read all the nice messages! 
  • A baby shower also must have some appetizers for the guests. We suggest you offer some snacks and sweets, so there is something for every taste. Fruits and vegetables can look great because of their colors and shapes. Brochettes are also a great idea for its presentation. Cookies, cupcakes, cake pops decorated with a pacifier, a baby carriage... they will add an original and fun touch to the baby shower. And everyone loves them! For the drinks, you can prepare some cocktails without alcohol or soft drinks.

Ideas to decorate a baby shower with appetizers

  • You can also prepare some games so the guests spend a great time. Some excellent ideas can be: guess the sex of the baby, do mimics or not saying the baby’s name during the baby shower… They can also give you ideas for the name if you have not already decide it. The most important thing is you spend a great time with your relatives and friends!
  • For the table decorations you can use some of the baby’s accessories, such as feeding bottles. You can fill them in with flowers, sweets, sauces… 
  • Guests can write a message so the baby can read it when he or she grows up. It is a nice detail. Give them some paper and pen and let their imagination run wild!
  • In these parties both parents and the baby receive lots of presents. A great way to thank the guests and make sure they keep a nice souvenir is to give them a little gift before leaving. A little jar with sweets, a nice candle, fragranced soaps can be some nice and useful gifts.

We hope this ideas to decorate a baby shower can be helpful. If you have more original ideas, tell us about them! We want to know all of them!

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