How much does a newborn baby sleep

Thursday 29,
How much does a newborn baby sleep

It is no secret that newborn babies sleep most of the day. To know how much does a newborn baby sleep is one of the major concerns for parents, especially for those who are new parents. Liip’s mission is to help all parents to feel more relaxed so they can fully enjoy their baby. So today we give you some tips to facilitate the sleep in your baby and to begin to guide a routine that will allow you to rest as you deserve.

The baby's sleep does not follow any rules, so it's hard to say exactly how much does a newborn baby sleep. However, under normal circumstances, sleep in the youngest has the following characteristics:

  • They sleep between 16 and 18 hours.
  • They wake up every 3 or 4 hours, so their sleep is not continuous.
  • Their sleep cycles are shorter than those of adults.
  • This phase of "disrupted sleep" normally ends around the baby is one month and a half old.
  • After two months on out the baby will begin to sleep longer periods of time.

What this means is that parents, and in the case of breastfeeding, the mothers, will have to spend wakefulness nights to feed and attend the baby’s needs. It is true that it is not possible to establish sleep patterns at this stage. However, there are several tips you can follow to start a sleep routine to your baby, making easier the task that will come later.

5 tips to facilitate sleep in newborn babies:

  1. The place: It is very important to choose a quiet and suitable room to promote the baby’s sleep. In addition, it is advisable for him to use always the same room to associate it with sleep.
  2. Visiting schedule: Many times family and friends are presented without notice it due to emotion. It is essential to tell them the schedule we have chosen to sleep the baby and not be disturbed by altering his sleep cycle. We can take advantage of this so that the baby begins to differentiate between day and night, asking our acquaintances to visit us during the day.
  3. Small nods: It is highly recommended that the baby will sleep short periods of time if he is sleepy during the day. If we try to keep him awake thinking that he will sleep more hours later, we will fall into a mistake. We will only irritate him and complicate his sleep, getting the opposite effect.
  4. If the baby show signs of sleep: Take him to sleep if you observe that your baby is doing signs of sleep, as rubbing his eyes or be more irritable than usual without apparent cause.
  5. Having a routine: Ideally, it is that we repeat a pattern every time we go to sleep the baby. For example, giving a relaxing massage, sing a lullaby, turn on a lamp with dim light…

how much does a baby sleep

To know precisely how much does a newborn baby sleep is a complicated task, each baby is different and he will need to sleep more or less hours. However, despite these tips, sometimes there are some sleep disorders in babies that can make difficult his sleep. We will talk about it in other posts in order to identify and solve them.

In general, the arrival of a newborn at home always involves subtracting hours of rest and adding hours of fatigue. Surely these 5 tips for tired moms, which are also applicable for parents, will help you.

And, do you spend hours without sleep since your baby is at home?
As always, we hope to be helpful for you!

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