How many phones can be linked to Liip Smart Monitor?

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How many phones can be linked to Liip Smart Monitor?

Liip Smart Monitor has a functionality that allows the linking of several mobile devices or tablet to the wristband. In this way, you only need to have a phone or tablet near the bracelet, within the bluetooth range, which receives the data in real time. The rest of the mobiles that are linked to Liip, will receive the information regarding the health of the baby / child a few seconds later, as long as they have access to the internet.

A primary device is a mobile phone or tablet that has a direct link through Bluetooth to the wristband, which receives the data and uploads the information to the cloud (data server) so that it is available to the rest of the devices. There can only be one device with a primary connection, indicated at the top of the application with the bluetooth symbol. While secondary devices are those that receive information from the data server, wherever they are and whose symbol is a cloud at the top of the screen.

In case the closest mobile device (primary device) to Liip Smart Monitor loses the bluetooth signal, the nearest secondary device will become a primary device and receive the data in real time. This functionality reduces the possibility of connection losses.

One advantage of this way of use is that mobile phones that function as secondary can know the status of the baby from anywhere, for example at work or while traveling.

Primary and secondary connection to Liip Smart Monitor

How to link several smartphones to a single monitor

For the linking of several devices, the following procedure must be followed:

  • A first mobile is linked following the instructions of the didactic guide.

  • Close the session on this first device.

  • Access with the same email and password from a second device.

  • Open session again on the first device, which will be linked to the wristband automatically.

From this moment, connection management will be done automatically, with the primary mobile being the closest.
It should be noted that all mobile devices or tablets that are linked to a Liip Smart Monitor must do so with the same username and password.

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