Helping parents with the D68 enterovirus

Tuesday 24,
Helping parents with the D68 enterovirus

We took several days listening to the news about the D68  enterovirus which has affected so far 60 children under 6 years old. The enterovirus is a breathing-related disease that occurs in the warmest months, spring and autumn. The virus was first time identified in 1962 in California.

Initial symptoms in infants are similar to the common cold, including a runny nose , sore throat, cough and fever. Infections such as D68 enterovirus causes, makes the body to react decreasing blood oxygen saturation with heart rate and temperature changes , affecting the airways and neurological system. Liip’s innovative technology detects these changes and informs parents before they become a problem for the baby.

Is it possible to help parents in situations such as those caused by enterovirus ?

Sergio Negre, Doctor in pediatrics, Quirón Hospital of Valencia, says . " Infections such as that are caused by enteroviruses, makes changes in vital signs and blood oxygen saturation, heart rate or temperature. Technological advances that are proposed by Liip are capable to detect changes in these vital signs, inform parents of pathological situations early enough to reduce the risk in the baby's health". At the same time, continues the doctor, "It can help the medical community, to deepen our understanding of these diseases and how they affect to the risk groups, when make personalized medicine ".

With regard to the latter, Sergio Negre notes that "Due to children under 2 years old are more likely to get  infections, Liip allows the pediatricians to know the evolution of febrile illness and to control oxygen levels, because in this age is more difficult to assess by parents, elements such as a disordered breathing or respiratory effort". He adds: "Liip helps detect many complex cases and makes it easier for parents to go to the hospital before the process get more complicated, with the posibility of becoming  more important situations, such as those that are affecting in recent weeks many children in Catalonia".

Doctor baby

It is recommended to consult your pediatrician if your child has drowsiness, weakness, tremor or other neurologic symptoms accompanied by fever. In addition, it is advisable to take extra cleaning and not take children with fever at school. But do not panic, most babies heal although some of them need to be hospitalized. In this case, Liip also is part of the solution because it provides valuable information after recovery, to keep in touch with the infant and enjoy your baby carefree.

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