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  • Vaccination schedule

    Wednesday 17,

    Vaccination is always an issue that worries parents. Given their impact, we have decided to write on this important subject. The vaccination calendar undergoes changes periodically, by what we are going to dedicate the space that it deserves so that all parents can have access to updates.

  • Chilhood obesity

    Wednesday 27,

    Childhood obesity is defined as a health problem whose main characteristic is excess body fat. This is a high concern for pediatricians. In many cases, parents find amusing their "chubby” baby, ignoring the risks it could pose for the him. However, there is a fine line between a healthy baby and an obese baby.

  • Vaccines: A gift for entire life.

    Friday 24,

    Worldwide, million children are affected each year by infections such as measles, hepatitis B, Haemophilus influenzae type B and many other diseases. There are vaccines for these infections in the more developed countries make us forget its importance.

  • Helping parents with the D68 enterovirus

    Tuesday 24,

    We took several days listening to the news about the D68 enterovirus which has affected so far 60 children under 6 years old. The enterovirus is a breathing-related disease that occurs in the warmest months, spring and autumn. The virus was first time identified in 1962 in California. Initial symptoms in infants are similar to the common cold, including a runny nose , sore throat, cough and fever

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