Guidelines to start toilet training

Wednesday 15,
Guidelines to start toilet training

Are you going to start toilet training your baby? Although it seems to be very difficult, it is not impossible. It will take time but all children learn to do it. Before to start, you should consider their age, their behavior and the situation they are in. If all of the above is favorable you should follow these guidelines to start toilet training your child and everything will be easier.

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to start toilet training. What you need to do is to meet the children and adapt to their level of learning and their needs. Saying goodbye to the diaper is one of the stages of child development that generate anxiety to the parents but with patience is achieved. For this, it is important to know the guidelines and to communicate clearly to the child.

If you are going to start with this challenge we propose you to follow these guidelines to start toilet training:

    1. Find the right time. Not all children are prepared to say goodbye to the diaper at the same time. Some of them start to control sphincters over 2 years, but others may need more time. It is important to observe if children show certain signs that they are ready to learn to go to the bathroom by themselves:
      • They are dry for several hours.
      • They try to imitate other people when they go to the bathroom.
      • They get nervous and tell you if they have a dirty diaper.
      • They know how to up and down their underwear without help.
      It is important not to pressure children, each one learns at their own rate. The best moment to start will be when the child and you are calm and relaxed. Do not start teaching him when there are major changes in your live, such as starting kindergarten, if you are waiting for the arrival of a new baby...Because if they are nervous they will have less control to their muscles.
    2. Buy everything you need. During this stage you will need a potty or a special toilet seat. Go to buy it with your child so they will feel they are involved in the process and let them it to get used to it. If you choose toilet seat do not forget to buy a step to put their feet and to feel more secure.
    3. Create a routine. Creating habits will help the child to learn the task better. We can establish certain times of the day and sit the child in the urinal to accept it and include it in their daily routine. When they do things on the potty congratulate them so they will know they are doing well.
    4. Show them how to do it. Children learn by imitating adults, so you can explain them how to do it by sitting on the toilet and telling them the whole process at the same time they are doing it.
      Guideliness to start toilet training your baby
    5. Take off the diaper a short time. If you see that they are doing their needs in the potty you can take off the diaper a little while during the day. Remind them that they have to do pee so they will not forget. If they hold without peeing until they reach the potty you can try to take off them the diaper during naps.
    6. Start to take off them the diaper at night. To make it easier, do not remove the diaper at night yet. Try a few days avoiding that they drink a lot of water during the dinner and taking them to pee before going to bed. When they get up dry for several nights, take off them the diaper at night and do not forget to cover the mattress with a protector. Taking off the diaper at night is more complicated and it can last longer. Children have to learn to control their sphincters and their body has to wake up when it feels it wants to do pee. To make it easier you can leave the potty close to the bed or tell the child to call you if they want to pee during the night.

It is important that you do not pressure the child, each one learns at their own rate. Some of them learn it in a few days and others need several months. During the process everyone will have some mishap, so you have to deal with these accidents with good humor and explain to your child the correct way to do it.

Patience is essential in this adventure. And you, do you follow some guidelines to start toilet training your child?

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