Chilhood obesity

Wednesday 27,
Chilhood obesity

Childhood obesity is defined as a health problem whose main characteristic is excess body fat. This is a high concern for pediatricians. In many cases, parents find amusing their "chubby” baby, ignoring the risks it could pose for him. However, there is a fine line between a healthy baby and an obese baby.
The origin of childhood obesity at a glance is not very complex. More energy intake than energy expenditure is the main reason. However, childhood obesity may also be caused by a genetic factor. In addition, there is a link between childhood obesity and the fact of replacing breast milk by the artificial one.

Childhood obesity is a topical issue that needs an emergency brake. If we do not feed healthily our baby from an early age, it could be a problem  as he gets older as:

  • Joint problems development: since it harms the proper formation of hips or knees, among others.
  • Chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus type II, cardiovascular disease. For more information you can take a look at this article.

As long as the disease is not genetic, prevention is quite simple. The trick is not to give more calories than you consume. It is very important to introduce the practice of exercise from an early age in the baby's life. In fact we are in luck because it is becoming more fashionable to lead a healthy life. Regardless of the benefits of practising exercise for children, we highlight the link generated between parents and their kind which do exercise together.

In this link you can see some recommendations by WHO to prevent childhood obesity, as it is well known: "Better safe than sorry".

Regarding with the food, it is very important vegetables and fruits intake. But this is a major challenge for many parents because it often leads to rejection on the part of infants and children. Once again we resort to our faithful companion: Game. Nothing better than using colors to draw and prepare funny plates due to keep the attention of the baby. We can create a tree with broccoli and carrot or a palm tree with bananas and kiwis. The more the dish attracts  child's attention the easier the baby will eat it.

Look at these great ideas:

Recipes for infants 6 to 9 months

Recipes for babies from 9 to 12 months

Recipes for babies 12 months  to 4 years

For the most creative parents, in this video you can find a funny smoothie which will be ready in a few minutes.

Another summery and cool idea is to prepare some tasty "homemade ice creams" that surely will delight your kids. As simple as making a fruit smoothie, put it into ice pop molds and send them directly to the freezer. If we also get molds with different funny shapes, your children will view you as super heroes. In a few hours we will have a super tasty natural fruit ice pop!

ice pop

And do not forget it, parents! As we discussed in the previous post, babies are great imitators. That is why we must lead by example and make healthy eating a way of life, preventing childhood obesity at an early age.

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