Peace of mind for parents

Tuesday 17,
Peace of mind for parents

Which parents has not woken up in the middle of the night to check if their baby is breathing while he is sleeping? It is a common and understandable gesture, but should not become an obsession.

Thanks to technological advances there are products such as Liip which help in baby’s care and provide reassurance to parents.

"Liip is a device which helps parents in their baby’s care. Liip uses the most advanced technology to monitor the baby’s vital signs, position and movement, and it also relay all this information through a powerful software". Explains Sergio Negre, Pediatrician in the Quirón Hospital of Valencia.

Being parents is a constant task in continual evolution where mistakes and successes are always present. As says Sergio Negre, the measuring accuracy of the sensors, design and  a software based on medical evidence and an artificial intelligence algorithms, makes Liip a reliable device that detects the main pathological situations of the baby, informing parents and allowing them to enjoy their baby, resting without worrying about what will happen.

One of the main concerns of parents is feeling  that something bad is going to happen to the baby, especially in the most insecure moments such as evenings, because the baby is not able to transmit how he feels. Thanks to innovative technology as Liip that detect abnormal movements, decreases in blood oxygen and decrease or an unestable heart rate, beeing these risk situations a potential problem for the baby, it is possible to establish a link in order to prevent any inconvenience the baby could suffer. Liip’s complex algorithms avoid false alarms and keep parents informed about their children’s health.

peace parents

To seek an harmonious  environment, laughing, listening to soft and pleasant music... All of this is as important as taking vitamins, weight control and using eHealth products.

Your baby feels what you feel.

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