Breastmilk: The best food choice for infants

Thursday 30,
Breastmilk: The best food choice for infants

The World Health Organization (WHO)  recommends  breastfeeding for children until six months of age,  then in combination with other foods until the age of two years and beyond.

There are many publications about breastfeeding benefits in comparison to artificial feeding the first days of life of our baby. What is clear is the fact that humans have been depended on breastfeeding during thousand years, and this is why it is the best option for our development. Artificial formulas are always trying to be like breastfeeding, so they are acknowledging their inferiority. They use to try to imitate  the chemical composition of breast milk. Especially, in fat and proteins levels. Protein intake was associated with a faster weight gain during infancy, a known risk factor for later obesity and mortality rate.

The population is more and more interiorising the benefits of breastfeeding, the need to continue with the work activity and social life, is difficult to reconcile with breastfeeding a baby. For this reason many mothers breastfeed their babies in public places. However, it has meant a social impact.
In spite of the fact that breastfeeding is a natural thing, there are many taboos about this issue. This is one of the most important reason that causes the decrease of breastfeeding  for the babies from  6 months an older.

We need a global switch,  in the society and also on the mothers themselves. On one hand, it is necessary to create specific places with the proper conditions, for example,  to enable the changing of babies' nappies or clothes, with the adequate lighting and sound environment. On the other hand, it is important to launching awareness campaigns for the purpose of suppress the taboos and facilitate the breastfeeding everywhere. There are some App’s that recommend you the best places for breastfeeding your baby, and share it on social networking sites.

Furthermore, there are a few tips which would improve the breastfeeding experience regardless of the place.

  1. Choose clothes you feel comfortable in to make breastfeeding easier.

  2. Use nursing bras: They can easily pull the cup of the bra down and it is not necessary to show your breasts , so maybe you feel more comfortable if you are in public.

  3. Not to postpone the nursing moment: If the baby is hungry and you delay his feeding, it could cause more irritability and other problems as mastitis.  

There are a lot of associations which promote women themselves to be the main responsible reason for changing the society this way.

Bebé durmiendo después de lactancia materna

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