Activities for parents and children

Tuesday 07,
Activities for parents and children

There are many ideas and plans for spending your leisure time with your baby, events and activities such as cinema, theater, music and countless workshops specifically developed to enjoy your baby.

Searching in Google "Activities for kids" there are many activities to enjoy a funny day with your baby. If you are in Valencia, we recommend you to read LoveValencia.

Today we want to show you the  “Bloggers Meeting Kids", an event created by “El chupete” and “Pangea”  where different perspectives on the role of social networks and influencers in children will be raised. It will be held Wednesday June 15th at 16:30 pm until 18:30 pm. The event will take at the cultural space “Pangea The Travel Store”, ( Principe de Vergara 26, Madrid ). Admission is free until full capacity.

Bloggers and influencers have become opinion leaders and they are an influence for their readers and followers. Because of the fact that earlier and earlier children have access to internet and social networks, there are children bloggers, called " Generation Z " and this will be the theme of the XII Festival The Pacifier.
Tavi, at only 11 years, was the first one and a revolution for the fashion system creating his own blog. He became a style icon when he won an award from the North American Fashion Council and today with 17 years old he’s working in the film industry.

Internet moves fast, and it was a surprise for us to learn the history of these blogger kids: Pictures of Mini Mini Style Hacker emulating the most stylish men of the moment at only 4 years have been a complete success on Instagram: His account has already reached 173,000 followers (and counting). Moziah at 12 years old created Mo’s Bows, he sells  bow-ties on his online shop thanks to his blog. "People sent messages asking me where did I get the bow. My grandmother taught me to sew. So I thought, 'Why not sell them?". Tobias Otting,is a miniature “dandy” and a great stylist and celebrity. he is in fourth grade and has already given a TED talk in Cambridge thanks to his blog:  Junior Sartorialist.

Blogger ministylehack

Many of the most influential bloggers will attend the “Bloggers Meeting Kids” to talk about their experiences and practices aimed at leisure, travelling, education, food, sport, digital world, etc.

if you know who lives in a pineapple under the sea or  have ever said "take the juice before it lose the vitamins ", you have an appointment next June 15th in Madrid.

Short description: Bloggers, influencers, journalists and mothers share their experience about  children´s world, entertainment options, trends, travelling, apps, fun, family plans, security, etc

Furthermore, there will be shared the campaign of “El Chupete” 2016 festival. #PANGEAKids #ELCHUPETE. Free admission until full capacity.

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