Connect with your baby

Our mission is to offer the calm the parents need at the most important moment of their life

All the calm you need guaranteed in a device

Its style and ergonomics has been studied in order to be totally careful with the baby’s skin. Liip is fitted with a sensor system that owns the precision and reliability that parents need

Liip’s software

has an algorithm that is capable to identify the principal and most important diseases, in order to prevent them, before it becomes a problem for the baby

Knowledge and medical support

It makes possible to analyze and provide the relevant data for parents

Smartphone App: Dynamic and intuitive

Developed to improve the quality of life of the parents

Liip is new

His reliability and easiness will make your only concern would be
to enjoy your baby

Liip is our bond with the baby, calm thanks to our leading technology, knowledge and human values

Doctor Sergio Negre
Head of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition
Hospital Quirón, Valencia