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  • Wearables for Babies

    miércoles 11,

    Knowing how his baby sleeps, how he breaths, if something suddenly affects him, are the main concerns of parents. When a baby is sick worries increase, especially parents who have had certain experience: premature births, bronchiolitis, fever... The use of smart baby monitors, such as Liip Smart Monitor, is already helping thousands of families around the world providing peace and rest at night.

  • How many phones can be linked to Liip Smart Monitor?

    jueves 09,

    Liip Smart Monitor has a functionality that allows the linking of several mobile devices or tablet to the wristband. In this way, you only need to have a phone or tablet near the bracelet, within the bluetooth range, which receives the data in real time. The rest of the mobiles that are linked to Liip, will receive the information regarding the health of the baby / child a few seconds later.

  • Is it all right to sunbathe during pregnancy?

    martes 27,

    Is it all right to sunbathe during pregnancy? Summer is upon us and many pregnant women are now making this question. The sun has multiple benefits, however, the hormonal changes during pregnancy make the woman's skin more sensitive.In this post we provide you some recommendations which you must take into account if you sunbathe during pregnancy.

  • Where to go on vacation with a baby

    martes 06,

    Summer is coming, are you thinking where to go on vacation with a baby? Vacations have to be planned very good when there’s a baby in the family. The beach, the mountain… any destination may be a good choice to go with babies if you have plan it the right way and you adapt to its needs. Liip gives you some advice so you can enjoy the summer holidays with another member in the family.

  • New moms gifts

    martes 02,

    Do you want to make a gift to a special person that has recently been a new mom? You can give her a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers, but if you really want to give her a surprise, take a look to these new moms gifts that we suggest. You will get it right for sure!

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